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Diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes Donations Page

You can make a real difference to parishes, communities and individuals in Outback NSW through a donation to the Catholic Diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes. Every amount you give will help Bishop Columba to support the people of this Diocese to meet the challenges of this extraordinary community which covers over 55% of the land area of NSW but which has no large regional economic centre from which to draw financial resources. The Diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes is, in Bishop Columba’s own words: “fighting as a bantam weight in a heavy weight ring” for a fair go. In addition to the challenges of distance and isolation in Outback NSW, the Diocese battles a lack of funding and limited development opportunities due to it’s remoteness and unique circumstances.

After years of “going it alone”, Wilcannia-Forbes is back in business and keen to offer the broader Church a vision for the future of Catholic life in Australia. Through the experiences of the people in this Diocese, Wilcannia-Forbes offers a glimpse of the Church at it’s best and desires to share a particular and precious spirituality and resilience with all Australians.

You can support us to nurture a vibrant and life-giving future by by entrusting Bishop Columba to support our Community. You can donate here or you may like to speak to Bishop Columba about the sort of specific challenges the Diocese faces.