About the Parish

Easter Mass Times

Holy Thursday6 pm Service
Good Friday3 pm The Lord’s Passion
Holy Saturday5 pm Easter Vigil Mass


St Carthage’s 97 Dandaloo St Trangie NSW 2823

Parish Priest

Fr Sabbas Assenga


97 Dandaloo St PO Box 154 Trangie NSW 2823

Phone: (02) 6889 1021
Fax: (02) 6889 1027

Mass Times

9.30am 1st &3rd  Sunday of the month.
6.00pm 2nd &4th Sunday of the month (summer)
5.00pm 2nd &4thSunday of the month(winter)
9.30am 5th Sunday of the month.
12.oopm School Mass on Wednesdays.

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