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About the Parish

Celebrating 100 years

St Marys Parish Convent building is celebrating 100 years this year. Also, the School is celebrating 125 years. There will be a Mass and morning tea on 21st May to mark the Event. In the meantime, Taryn Stephens, our School Principal, would like to speak to any Parishioners or Residents of Warren who have memories of their time spent at the Convent and School, those who may have boarded at the Convent, any special events like First Communion, Confirmation, Marriages etc. that hold a special place for you. Taryn would like to get this information to make a Video to show on the day. Please get in touch with Taryn at admin.warren@wf.catholic.edu.au or by School Phone at (02) 6847 4488.


Our Lady of Perpetual Succour 11C Burton St Warren NSW 2824 St Anthony’s 54 Umang St Tottenham NSW 2873 St Thomas’ 52 Umang St Tottenham NSW 2873 St Brigid’s 287 Heatherbrae Rd Nervertire NSW 2826 Mass Station – Marthaguy Hall 44km north of Warren on the Quambone Rd

Parish Priest

Fr Abraham Cheripuram


4 Myra St PO Box 10 Warren NSW 2824

Phone: (02) 6847 4147

Mass Times


Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, Warren
Sunday Mass on the 1st, 3rd, 5th  at 9am

Saturday Vigil Mass on the 2nd & 4th at 6pm 

  • Weekday Masses are advised in the Parish Notices 
Marthaguy Hall  
11am Sunday 1st of the month (February-December)
  • Special arrangements for Christmas and Easter
St Anthony’s, Tottenham
11.15am Sunday 2nd of the month (February-November)
  • Special arrangements for Christmas and Easter
  • See parish Sunday bulletin, or contact the Parish Priest for the Weekday Mass times