About Us

We are a Eucharistic community. Although we are a huge Diocese covering a vast area, our commitment to our people is to do all we can to support remote and isolated members of our parishes to share in the Sacramental life of the Church. Needless to mention, this is a massive challenge in these times. As often as priests are able to cover the extraordinary distances necessary, Mass is  offered in  church communities dotted around the countryside. More often than not, parishioners have to wait many weeks – sometimes months – to receive Communion from Lay ministers able to travel the distances.

Some of our priests have lived in these outback places for many years. Others are from overseas countries. Together, with the support of our Lay people, great effort is made to nurture the faith of existing Catholics and expose all people to the transforming love of Christ. Ours is a country Diocese with unique gifts to share and challenges to face. It is a part of our culture to expect to see priests presiding under the shade of gum trees and by river banks. We try to meet people where they are at and we have to be pragmatic in our offerings. When old churches can’t be repaired because of lack of funds, we meet  wherever we can to break bread together and hear from the Gospel the Good News of Christ.

Ours is a pioneering Diocese that has had to know how to survive in lean times. We have much to offer those who are curious about the spiritual heart of our faith and passionate about service in pastoral ministry.