Lessons from the Long Paddock

Welcome to Lessons from the Long Paddock. We have 4 wonderful stories of faith to reflect on and our three speakers in the workshop sessions are: Fr Richard Leonard SJ, Sr Michele Connolly RSJ and our own Bishop Columba Macbeth-Green OPPSE, DD.

You can either watch the mini documentary stories as a part of a pre-recorded faith formation workshop and also hear from Fr Richard, Sr Michele and Bishop Columba as they reflect on the stories….. or you can simply watch the stories as a stand-alone experience of their own.

There is no need to register and there are no fees. We hope that if you enjoy Lessons from the Long Paddock you may choose to make a donation towards the costs of filming and production. Just go to the ‘Assist Us’ tab on the Home page and follow the instructions. Please clearly indicate in your donation reference details that you want your donation to go towards Lessons from the Long Paddock.

We would very much like to acknowledge and thank our sponsors: without CatholicCare WilcanniaForbes, Catholic Education in the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn, Sisters of Mercy of Australia & Papua New Guinea, Catholic Healthcare Ltd and Sisters of St Joseph we would not have been able to produce Lessons from the Long Paddock this year.

Option 1 is the faith formation workshop and stories.

Option 2 is the stories on their own.


You can watch these 4 story segments and conversations all in one sitting over the course of a few hours, or you can dip in and out and use the material over a longer period. You will meet the facilitator, Kate Englebrecht in the first segment and be introduced to the story content and
speakers in the context of a workshop which was filmed in North Sydney earlier this year.

You will find some resource material at the end of the segments. If you are facilitating your own workshops it is best to go there first and look at that material. You can stop and start at your own pace.

If you intend to use this resource with a group of people, we suggest your facilitator watch the whole thing through first and then tailor the segments to suit your time frame and particular circumstances.

Segment 1: –

Intro from Kate Englebrecht, Chancellor in the Diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes. Kate will introduce you to the story of Wally and Margie Mitchell who are farmers from Louth which is about an hour from Bourke. After the Wally and Margie story, Fr Richard Leonard SJ will share his reflections on their story and point to some spiritual insights he finds inspirational.

Segment 2: –

Kate introduces Jonathon’s story. Jonathon is an Aboriginal man from Bourke who works for CatholicCare. After Jonathon’s story, Sr Michele Connolly RSJ shares her reflections.

Segment 3: –

This is a story about Jason who is an Aboriginal man from Bourke. Jason shares some wonderful insights about life as an Aboriginal man and points to some quite profound theological insights in relation to such things as care for the earth. Jason’s story was not a part of the conversation in the filmed workshop due to time constraints.

Segment 4: –

Kate introduces Possum’s story. Possum is an Aboriginal woman from Bourke who works for a local health service. After Possum’s story, Bishop Columba shares some reflections on being Bishop in such a huge and isolated Diocese.

At the end of this last segment the 3 speakers respond to a few observations from the audience.


Lessons from the Long Paddock – Wally & Margie’s Story

2018 Lessons from the Long Paddock – Reflection booklet.docx

OPTION 2 – Just the video stories

Wally & Margie